Hosting a Foreign National at JLab

In order to qualify as a Host for a Foreign National guest at JLab, you must:

  • be a JSA/DOE employee and
  • have completed annual Host Training (GEN 006)

As a Host of non-U.S. citizens visiting or working at Jefferson Lab, you  have certain obligations that must be  followed to satisfy U.S. Department of Energy requirements (DOE O 142.3A). These obligations  include but are not limited to the following:

Hosts of non-U.S. citizen guests  must:

  • Verify a valid mission need exists for approving access to Jefferson Lab site facilities, information, systems, and technologies.
  • Monitor access to information.
  • Ensure the accuracy of information captured in the Electronic Access Registration System.
  • Ensure appropriate training is received by the guest, and he/she complies with all applicable restrictions.

Foreign National Host Responsibilities

Before Guest Arrival

  • Ensure all requirements in the Electronic Access Registration System are completed at least 7 days prior to the visit/assignment start date and the guest is aware of the required ID documents needed for access approval. If these two requirements are not met, access will not be granted.
  • All Foreign National guests coming from outside the U.S. must have an invitation letter to present at the U.S. port of entry.


Upon Guest Arrival Onsite

  • Ensure that the guest, upon arrival onsite, reports to the Support Services Center Front Desk (Bldg 28) for ID and immigration document verification. Access will not be granted until the required ID Documents are presented and validated at check-in.
  • Arrange for all training; and system, site and technology access that is appropriate for the scope of work.
  • Review with the guest all JSA/JLab policies and procedures that apply to their planned scope of work. 
  • Communicate to the guest that you are their point of contact for any questions or issues.


During Guest Onsite Visit/Assignment

  • Be aware of the day-to-day work activities of the guest and report any suspicious behavior or attempts to gain unauthorized access to the site, systems or technologies to the Security Office.
  • Communicate the guest’s obligation to report:
    • change in name
    • change in immigration status
    • change in access dates
    • plans to leave the U.S. even when it is only for a short period of time
    • civil or criminal justice problems encountered during the visit or assignment

                Host must ensure that  is aware of all changes.

  • If at any point, you are unable to fulfill your duties as host for any reason, including absence from the Laboratory, a new host must be assigned and reported to .


Completion of Guest Onsite Visit/Assignment

  • Verify site access credentials are collected and returned and access to information systems is disabled upon completion of the visit or assignment.


Additional information: