Scientific and Technical Publications

Citing Tech Notes in Papers to be Published

Jefferson Lab's Accelerator and Engineering Division authors often published tech notes, informal papers which are written quickly and published in the lab's tech note collection. Tech notes do not undergo a review process and are intended for internal use only.

There are occasions when authors may desire to cite a tech note in a paper intended for external distribution and publication in a journal or conference proceedings. In a situation such as this, the tech note should be reviewed prior to being cited.

Complete the following steps for approval to cite a tech note:

  • Email title and authors of tech note being written to
  • Receive response email which includes tech note number.
  • Send completed tech note, including the number, to
  • Receive confirmation of receipt of tech note, including location in tech note collection.
  • Submit tech note into the JLAB publications approval system. On page 1, select publication type "other."
  • On page 2, provide description of publication: "Tech note [enter tech note number] to be cited in [provide paper title, authors, and intended distribution]." (For example: "Tech note JLAB-TN-##-012 to be cited in "How to do Physics at Jefferson Lab," by Kim Edwards. To be submitted to Phys.Rev.D.")
  • Tech note will be reviewed and if not approved, reviewers may make suggestions on acceptable revisions.


Contact Kim Edwards for assistance.